ABC. Redefining Television

From today at midday, ABC has ‘redefined television’ with the relaunch of its two TV channels in conjunction with promotion of their online TV.

Now, the traditional ABC channel – broadcasting on analogue and standard definition digital – is ABC1 with the slogan ‘It begins with 1’. The second channel – on digital – is still ABC2, and both channels have had a revamp to give them a complementary image rather than being treated almost as separate entities in the past.

Both ABC1 and ABC2 are offering a range of new programs this year. ABC2 will also be offering more new content than before, as well as time-shifted programming from ABC1.

For all you need to know about ABC1 and ABC2, including promo reels and on-air station identifications, check the
ABC website.

More of ABC1 and ABC2 at, TV Tonight, What’s On The Tube, ABC (unofficial) Blog

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