reglindsay Australian country music legend and former TV presenter Reg Lindsay has died in a Newcastle hospital today following a battle with pneumonia. He was 79.

Lindsay wrote more than 500 songs and recorded 64 albums over his extended career, and was the first Australian artist to be recognised with a plaque on Nashville’s Walkway of Stars. In 1971, Lindsay recorded the song Armstrong, in tribute to the first landing on the moon, which became a chart topper.

From the mid-1960s, Lindsay appeared on TV as host of the weekly country music program The Country And Western Hour, produced at NWS9 Adelaide, and later Reg Lindsay’s Country Homestead which continued into the 1980s. He won a number of TV Week Logie awards and country music awards the Golden Guitars.

Lindsay suffered a cerebral haemorrhage at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in 1994, and after a long rehabilitation period, he then suffered a heart attack and underwent a triple bypass.

Since 2003 he had been in care in a Newcastle nursing home.

Reg Lindsay is survived by his wife Roslyn and three daughters.

Source: ABC, NBN, The Age
Picture: NWS9

2 thoughts on “Reg Lindsay

  1. Reg Lindsay used to live in Banksia, Sydney, about a block from my place. Several times on annual Boy Scout Bob-a-Job week, I got Mr Lindsay’s autograph on my job card for sweeping his driveway!

    RIP Reg Lindsay.

  2. What school did you go to?? I lived at Banksia around the same time. We use to have CB radio back then and sat near Gardeners Park using my dad’s CB radio on weekends.

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