Young doctor with water on the brain
Actor Eric Oldfield (pictured, with Kerri Eichhorn and Judy Lynne) knows what he’d do with a million dollars: “What I’d really like to do would be to clean up the ocean.  Get laws passed to stop the pollution of our waters.  Stop councils from pouring sewage into the ocean.  It’s criminal what’s happening to our beaches.”  The 31-year-old avid surfer, who shot to fame in 1971 in the drama series The Godfathers, is extremely aware of the dangers of man’s impact on the environment and his concern affects his beliefs and lifestyle.  Meanwhile, the former Model of the Year and two-time centrefold for Cleo magazine is enjoying his latest role as Dr Ben Fielding in The Young Doctors – and although he has been in a number of TV series since The Godfathers, he is modest about his abilities: “When I’ve had more experience I think I’ll be a good actor.”

Feud takes on the East
In a bid to strengthen its popularity among eastern states viewers, quiz show Family Feud is moving its production from TVW7 in Perth to GTV9 Melbourne. Producer Gary Meadows has moved to Melbourne to set up the show in its new home, while host Tony Barber will continue to live in Perth and commute to Melbourne for the show’s taping. Family Feud is shown on GTV9 Melbourne and TCN9 Sydney, but is shown on Seven Network channels in Brisbane and Adelaide as well as the independent TVW7 in Perth.

pauladuncan Detective Danni quits Cop Shop
Cop Shop star Paula Duncan (pictured) was rushed to hospital after suffering a collapse in the studio – just days after she had informed Crawford Productions that she was intending to quit the popular series.  Duncan had cited ill health for her reason to resign and producers are now hoping that she recovers and changes her mind.

Classic Australian novels for TV
The 0-10 Network is to commit over $2 million to two mini-series productions based on classic Australian novels.  The network, in association with the South Australian Film Corporation, has announced plans to adapt Catherine Gaskin’s novel Sara Dane into a ten-hour mini-series.  The 0-10 Network has also committed to a nine-hour mini-series, based on Sumner Locke Elliott’s Water Under The Bridge, to be produced in partnership with the Victorian Film CorporationSara Dane is expected to go into production early in 1980 with a planned airdate of 1981, while Water Under The Bridge goes into production later this year and is expected to be completed by mid-1980.

Spanish-born actor Tony Alvarez is temporarily hosting the 0-10 Network’s A Greek Affair following the resignation of host, former Number 96 star Harry Michaels.

Former Bellbird cast member Ian Smith will be returning to ABC with roles in upcoming plays.

Twelve-year-old Bobby Driessen is the latest recruit for the 0-10 Network’s Young Talent Time.  Driessen and his family have moved from Perth to Melbourne following his appointment to the popular show’s cast.

Viewpoint: Letters to the Editor
”Where in the world did they dig up that ancient old lady to do the rice commercials?  She looks to be 100 years old.  They must think we are a lot of morons to believe that rice will give us such youthful energy.” L. Doolan, QLD.

“All praise to the Nine Network.  They have unselfishly taken ownership of that pitiful excuse for a comedy-satire called Soap.  The Nine Network also deserves thanks for removing from the domain of ABC that unwanted intruder, cricket.” J. Neumann, SA.

“What a pity the ABC made another soap opera, Twenty Good Years.  What about another series like Who Pays The Ferryman? or The Lotus Eaters, even if it is located on the Barrier Reef, Cape York or the Great Australian Bight?” M. Sawden, QLD.

What’s On (June 16-22):
ATV0’s evening coverage of the Prudential Cup cricket continues from the United Kingdom, with live coverage on Saturday and Wednesday nights.

Debbie Byrne, Ian Turpie, Geraldine Turner and David Atkins star in Troopship, this week’s episode of TV Follies (ABC, Saturday).

This Fabulous Century (HSV7, Sunday) looks at disasters that have saddened the nation – including Cyclone Tracy in Darwin, the collapse of the West Gate Bridge in Melbourne and the Granville train disaster in Sydney.

Sydney-based action drama Chopper Squad returns to ATV0 on Sunday night.  In this week’s episode, the rescue team joins in a search for two young boys who ran off with a .22 rifle.

ABC screens live via satellite coverage of the US Open golf championship from Toledo, Ohio.  Coverage starts at 5.30am on Sunday and Monday mornings.

marciahines Marcia Hines (pictured) returns to television with a new series, Marcia’s Music, on ABC. Glenn Shorrock and John Farnham are guests in the first episode.

Sunday night movies: A Killing Affair (HSV7), Love Story (GTV9), Uptown Saturday Night (ATV0).

Source: TV Times (Melbourne edition), 16 June 1979.  ABC/ACP

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